Bifties Gifts
November 2022

Bifties Gifts - Shopify Gift Store from Black-owned Brands




Bifties Gifts - Shopify Gift Store from Black-owned Brands

Project Overview

Bifties Gifts is an eCommerce company founded in New Jersey in 2016 that specializes in corporate gifting. They also provide economic support to Black-owned brands, prioritizing products that come from Black-owned businesses. Their eCommerce store is powered by Shopify. 

In November of 2022 they came to HunniDev, the development agency I’m a part of, with the project of redesigning their entire eStore and also implementing a complex multi-bundling shipping system.


My participation in this project was minimal, only building a few sections for the store and helping my co-workers in finishing other pages or adding more custom inputs to already built sections.

Carousel of the main hero
Color inputs for Fifty fifty section
General Footer


After several rounds of redesings, the project was officially completed in June 2023. 

The Bifties team is currently updating all of their content to the new site and they’ll launch the new store once they finish.