Shion Studio
September 2022

Shion Studio - Branding Agency




Shion Studio - Branding Agency

Project Overview

Shion Studio is a web design and branding agency located in Brooklyn, NY and founded in 2018. In September of 2022, they came to the agency I’m currently working for, HunniDev, with a development project for us.

They wanted a complete website redesign with Headless CMS functionalities. Since their company already has amazing designers, they provided us with a new and beautiful layout that they designed themselves. Our job was to develop the design into a complete web application.

Their new design included a multitude of pages, videos, including background videos, carousels, fade in effects and animations.

Shion Studio also wanted the ability to edit the content of the website and create new pages without the need of a developer and without using a traditional third-party CMS. For that reason we proposed to create the website as a headless site using Sanity CMS as their backend admin.


I was the lead developer for this project and I was responsible for coding most of the components and sections of the website.

We started by building all the components with NextJS, Typescript using class components for styling. After most of the sections had been built, my team helped me implement and install Sanity CMS in our codebase.

Once I had access to the Sanity admin, I began transforming all the components and sections I had already built into Sanity Schemas providing the end user as many customizable inputs as possible, so they could modify and manipulate all the sections and components of the website independently from us.


Once the development of all the components and sections and their implementation as fully customizable Sanity schemas was done, the entire web application was complete.

I had a meeting with Shion Studio’s CEO, presenting her the web application and teaching her how to access Sanity CMS on her end and how to use it to edit all of the schemas that we have built for her and her team. 

After that meeting, she and her team went ahead and added all the content of the site and my boss, Daniel Hunninghake was in charge of deploying it. In December 2022, the new Shion Studio site was launched. 

We received amazing comments from our clients who expressed being so excited and happy with their new website’s redesign.