Topicals RX, Inc.
November 2022

Topicals - Shopify Skincare Boutique




Topicals - Shopify Skincare Boutique

Project Overview

Topicals is a beauty and cruelty-free Skincare company founded in 2018 in Santa Monica, California that uses Shopify to power their business. 

They have been a recurrent client for the web development agency that I work for, HunniDev. 

In November of 2022, they assigned us the project of upgrading their entire website to Shopify 2.0. Besides the upgrade, they also wanted a complete redesign of several of their pages and sections using as many of the new Shopify 2.0 functionalities as possible.


I was the lead developer in this project and it was my responsibility to migrate the Topicals’ eStore into a new Shopify 2.0 theme. 

Topicals uses a completely customized Shopify theme, so we had to build a new fully customized theme for them in Shopify 2.0 using many of the assets that they were already using in their 1.0 theme but also developing entirely new sections and pages using HTML, CSS, Javascript and Liquid. 

We used Dawn as the foundation of their new 2.0 theme and completely customized it to the design of their store.

Once all of the assets, content, pages and sections were moved to the 2.0 theme, I was assigned to create multiple pages in the new site, among them, the homepage, the product page, the blog and several landing pages which all contained new coded sections.


In February 2023, the new Topicals 2.0 website was launched with the Topicals team being super happy and satisfied with the job we had made.

As I previously mentioned, Topicals is a recurrent client in our agency and we are constantly working with them, building new pages, sections and functionalities that they need as their business grows.